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I have just recently began gaming and am enjoying it immensely! Much thanks to the VIMM.TV creators. I also do a little bit of blogging from time to time on STEEM.

I am a lifelong bachelor (never could find a woman to put up with me) and live alone in Pennsylvania (United States). Eligible for AARP Membership, so I guess I am a Senior Citizen. I am a Marine Corps Veteran and Retired National Guardsman.

Politics are an interest, but I do not have any party affiliation. My religious beliefs are best summed up by those of Senator Bernie Sanders...

If you hurt, I hurt.

My interests include, but are not limited to: gardening, gaming, crochet crafts, repurposing/recycling, politics, environmental issues, caribbean cooking, Veteran's issues, cryptocurrency, and charitable causes.

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Patriotism? Loyalty to an "individual" or a "party" or to a NATION?

Probably wrong, but here is where I STAND.


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