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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege

Hey my name is RogueNUT and i am a active Twitch streamer and i have been in crypto since the beginning of 2018, i got out right when the Bitcoin crash happened at the end of 2018 and am currently venturing back into the crypto space. i am on as well. I love playing FPS shooters and highly competitive games such as rainbow Six: Seige, CS:GO and currently got access to the closed beta of Valorant and have been trying to climb up the ranks of that and challenge my skills. My twitch is and my Hive is Looking forward to building a amazing community in the crypto space, and interacting and talking about games, crypto and even polotics and religioun, i am a very open minded person and love to hear different perspectives on things, might disagree but does not mena i dislike you in anyway or treat anyone any different cause of the disagreement.

Stream Info

Just playing some Valorant before it goes live on June 2nd join the NUT Gang in my Discord.


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