Yo Yo Yo! Dis the Phantom of Hip-Hop Phantom, here to beat dat @$$. I'm dat dude that rage at hard-ass games 'n shiet. Sometimes, I explore dem Internets.

I stream on Wednesdays at 5pm EST, and Tuesdays and Thursdays and at 8pm EST.

Yo, I got y'all some cryto wallets if y'all wanna send in something dat way:

BTC: 3HyBKPBPJLCzeM7wUd33L2AThZ6f78A7K3 LTC: MTFY5Q4MGbYtpzP42ZyV5np38tx6C7Ye4e ETH: 0x6Afb3195d670574ac196dAD8aF675519BC2D1429

If y'all like donatin' money, I got y'all some links:

https://paypal.me/hiphopphantom https://cash.app/$PhantomTVinc

And join dis Discord: https://discord.me/phantomtv

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There's still more of this to go? When dis crazy rain gon' stop?


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