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Chat Rules { Manditory Rules ( () Be respectful to one another. () I have stage 2 autism spectrum disorder, so my social issues aren't normal than others would say. Sarcasm is hard for me. () No Politics -- If it's something that directly affects you, you can talk about it, but governmental talk is out of the question. () Religion is okay just so long as you personally do not judge someone else based on your beliefs -- Percieving and observing is okay though. () everyone is welcome as long as you have no malintentions. () I do allow cursing, just not at people... situations are different than people. () I love all hugs I am gay, and enjoy talking with people. () Discrimination will not be tolerated this include race, gender, nationality, bigotry, sexual oriantation, and thoughts etc... I am severely openminded. () I welcome all people of all background, even if your learning English, I welcome you to chat, you are a person too loves everyone, if you are new to the English language, say something like : "I'm new to English." () I am a big person in regards to rules. some people just cobble everything together, I don't cobble, if you have a question about the rules of my chat feel free to ask in a non-demeening way. () Rules subject to change make sure to review them. ) Optional and/or Generally accepted rules ( () While it is a rated pg-13 chat, this is more or less pg. Sometimes people go through different things. Read the "About Me" further down. () With that being said, it is okay to vent on my stream if you so choose, I may ask about it, but it's not required you answer. () I do not tolerate drama though, if it's in regard to another streamer, I will ignore that portion of the chat, I am not a moderator for vimm, and thus do not have the disgretion. () for the people who listening to the ventor, I would suggest you be kinda and curtious to them, they are going through some hard times, so if you can't say anything empathetic/sympathetic or anything that can be helpful, please reframe from saying it. ) }

FlatEarth Factorio Run { This is a challenge mode Factorio the whole map is 256x256, It does not include Oil or Uranium ore. I can get oil through mods with trees, so that's interesting.

Current Settings : Water : off Enemies : off Cliffs : off Lazy Award : TRUE

->Iron and copper: Freq. 100% Size 100% Richness 300% ->Coal and Stone : Freq : 100% size 100% Richness 100%

Current seed : 4009612116

Version : 0.17.79 }

Programming Wise { My first programming language was perl, I thoroughly enjoyed it back in 2008 ish era, and still program with it today. The only programming language I thoroughly hate beyond measure is Python. I see that language as a cult more or less than anything else, besides that, I agree with all other languages.

During programming streams, feel free to ask anything love you all. }

About Me { I am a programmer and gamer simultaneously. With that being said, I am gay, and have a few mental health issues as well. I like talking to people, and normally I don't mind talking to people. My diagnosis is moderate autism with borderline personality disorder. With that being said, I am a Certified Peer Specialist in the state of Georgia : https://www.gmhcn.org/certified-peer-specialist . I advocate for people who cannot advocate for themselves. With that being said, I do feel comfortable talking about mood disorders, some thought disorders, and ADHD/ADD issues of yours. Read the optional rules if you like to talk about those.

Also if you want to follow me, you can, I'm not picky about people following or unfollowing me, It's not my goal to get big, it's my goal to have fun, relax, and entertain -- not to be famous, rich, etc... off streaming. }


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