🎮Vimm plays 🎮 Type in commandos and get payed Hive

Pokémon SoulSilver

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Vimm plays is live, help me play and earn Hive

I have no idea how to play this game. Help me play by typing in a command in chat and get part of the reward pool

Last updates - Chaining a command is possible by putting a number between 1 and 9 behind your command - Multiple players commands' will get chained as well - rewards are now shared with the players: 50% of the liquid rewards made from the week's stream is shared with all player's that have given at least 1 valid command during the week

Last applied fixes: - Commands are read each 3 seconds - Commands are not case sensitive - Commands are now executed once properly - x & y button work now as well

This is a trial run, so things might not be as smooth as it should be. But that might just make it more fun. So come and play with us

To play just type in chat: "up" to give the up command "left" to give the left command "right" to give the right command "down" to give the down command "a" to give the down command "b" to give the down command "X" to give the down command "y" to give the down command

You can add a number between 1 and 9 to behind any command to chain it. Note that depending on the command there and gamestate it might seem as the command is only executed once.

After giving a command there is 2 second cooldown before you can give another command. This cooldown is player only, so others can still give in commands. Commands from different players are chained in execution, the more players at the same time, the smoother the game will be

Half of al the liquid rewards of this post are shared among the all the player's that played along this week. Join to get a share in the rewards


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