Playing OpenRCT2 + Videos (Audio Only) with Music


Welcome to my channel. Where I play music, do Ultra Music Festival Livestreams, and play video games.

Every week or when I feel like it, I'll start streaming OpenRCT2 or music when I get the chance to, and you'll see what I like to do in terms of writing stories, making documents, Ultra Music Festivals, and playing video games. So make sure to tune in at least every week or so to check out my new streams on Vimm.TV.

You can subscribe or follow if you like, rate/like/dislike (doesn't matter), and follow Vimm on Discord to check me out there or I'll put in the discord channel I often visit the most if you want to see me there. Thank you and I'll see you on the next stream.

Thanks to Steemit for making a reality.

Stream Info

I'm playing my own parks I originally created on RCT2 Triple Thrill Pack, and playing them again through OpenRCT2. It's a ton of fun that you should go download the program and check it out by going to

I also play Multiplayer maps a bit and going towards my own parks at the end (just to check on the multiplayer to see what's going on).

Thank you.


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