Are you kidding me? Weekly Broadcast



This is the official weekly podcast for the website http://rukidn.me which show the crazy and bizzare things going on in the world whether it's weird news you can't believe was eve

Stream Info

Welcome to the rukidn.me weekly podcast! Each week I go over everything i found durring the week and have a chance for followers to watch and discuss the things found in the week. If you already follow our steemit you may have already read about the thing that will be mentioned in the podcast but if you yet to read up on all the new blog post this is the show for you!

This show is planned to be aired on Saturday Mornings around 6am eastern where it will be later uploaded to bitchute if you miss the show.

Today's broadcast there was only one thing found this week to talk about. Found some other interesting things that weren't in the blog so be sure to join in at 6am eastern to see what it is!

Feedback is more then welcome. You may also join the discord to talk about things you found yourself.

Discord: http://discord.gg/9A4vwwz Website: http://rukidn.me VIMM: http://vimm.tv/rukidnme


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