MSP Waves on VIMM


MSP Waves is the broadcast division of the Minnow Support Project in conjunction with P.A.L. – Peace, Abundance & Liberty.

MSP/PAL is the largest HIVE based discord channel to date. With thousands of minnow members, MSP is sure to help minnows make waves.

Tune into MSP Waves to hear shows by some of the MSP minnows themselves on a wide variety of topics.

From all the show producers and station managers here at MSP Waves to all you listeners, and most of all, our fellow minnows, we all hope you enjoy the shows.

Stream Info

You don't want to miss our streams, so we're bringing them to Vimm.TV

With dozens of hosts from around the world and our manually curated playlist of HIVE musicians to fill in the gaps, there's always something to experience on MSP Waves.

To see our full schedule of shows, please visit https://mspwaves.com/schedule

To join in the chat, head over to the PAL Discord Server: http://minnowpond.org


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