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mick on vimm.jpg Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my Vimm Tv channel!

Today I am playing my daily games on Hive. So sit back relax and enjoy.

I mostly play and stream Hive Games content. I have reciently been playing mostly Crypto Shots, Rising Star, Terracore, Golem Overlord and Splinterlands.

I love to chat and chill so be sure to say hello so that I know you are watching and can interact with you.

Vimm Tv is a passionate community of live streamers always creating Awesome content.

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Henthusiast Haven Guild is a decentralized autonomous organization founded in the Philippines. The community is for gamers, content curators, investors, developers and others. The community hopes to work together and grow by investing in different profitable platforms, projects, blockchain games and NFT's.

I have been having a lot of fun interacting with the community and recommend others to check it out. It is a great place to post content and grow together.

Make sure to check out this great community HERE hive divider.png


Earn Guild has been around for years now. Origanily formed back in the days of Steem, the founding members came together playing a game called SteemNova and we later formed a Splinterlands guild. We now have a discord and play a variety of Hive games. If you are interested in joining us feel free to reach out. Official EARN GUILD Discord Chat

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Splinterlands is a trading card game where you can battle other players to earn rewards. There are three ways to battle at the moment. Ranked, tournament or guild brawls. You can join a guild and play with others. In the future there will be other things released like soul keep and land. PLAY HERE

Terracore is a PVP/PVE based game where you fight over Scrap, a valuable commodity that can be mined on Terracore. Boss battles have been released, allowing players the chance to win crates containing NFT's. NFT's can be obtained from crates or bought on the market. PLAY HERE

Crypto Shots is a FPS game that is being developed. You can play it for free, this requires nothing, or you can buy an alpha PVP pass and unlock play to earn. The game even has weekly tournaments where you can earn win NFT's, Tokens and even Hive. PLAY HERE


Rising Star is a Music game where you can start your own band. Gain experience, fans and band members to rise to stardom. You can buy NFT's to help you along the way. Play Here

DCity is a city builder simulator, where you can build and manage your own city. You will need to manage your city well in order to earn sim the in game currency. Play Here

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DCrops is a farming simulator game. You will need some land and seeds to grow crops. There are 4 seasons just like in real life and you must grow the correct crops in the correct seasons. You can then sell your crops to earn Crop shares or use them for crafting. Play Here

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