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This is a short bio to introduce myself to you. Hi! I'm ddrfr33k, The Ginger Beard Man! You're probably wondering what's so special about me. Well, I'm on the Vimm staff as the

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Welcome back to the House of Dancing Arrows! Happy Friday, hope you're all ready for the weekend like I am! After the day I've had, I am too sober for this shit...

Because I'm so rushed and can't be arsed to do much else tonight, I'm gonna pick up where I left off on my Tengoku run earlier today and aim as high as I can. I just got my KAMAS RE up to +14, so I need more of pretty much everything again. Par for the course, am I right?

Oh! I have more big news! I just restarted my Extra Life campaign again! You can go here and donate to help save a kid's life. Who knows? Maybe I'll set up some donation goals for future streams...


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