Listen relax music and play relax games. Welcome weekend :)

survival openworld creating build art inspiration

**Crypto taps and free tokens have been around for a long time, while the site I want to recommend has something more to offer."PipeFlare" - its games platform where We can get tokens and that we collect once a day, we can then stack them on our account. I have a 16 day account and is stacking 2000 FLR.


The second legit is StormGain and Bitcoins mining: https://app.stormgain.com/friend/BNS16287499**


About me

#### Hi ! My name is MichaƂ (Michael- eng.)

like playing the games where I can building or crafting and fighting too.

Now my best games is Valheim, Arc Survival and others and others that I want to play xP**


But I'm serious ... really

I interested Blockchain technology for 3 years, of course I observe and research the cryptocurrency market. Once I trust him, and I don't believe him, it is because this market is just beginning to take its first steps in the world of financial markets and there is not enough specific and reliable information on this subject. So I decided to read a book called "Blockchain - The Basics of Block Technology in 25 Steps" by Daniel Drescher. I do not have higher education in IT or even secondary education in this industry because I am a "trained" forester technician, but computers and telephones have always been my passion with every operating system. The first time I started reading this Blockchain book after the first two pages of reading it today I would think of one word "SCAM" I bought a book in which they write about something that is really obvious but so complicated that nothing can be done about it understand. Dopeiro, after a few unsuccessful attempts to read it, I managed to reach the half of it and for now I am waiting for retirement ...

            So much for me and the crypto. You want to ask me a question about them. No problem, if I do not know the answer, we will ask Google, but know that inspiration, ideas and creative gifts always arise with a few heads to think, because even digging cryptocurrencies alone does not pay off ... apparently ... they write ... and I heard that it does not pay off ... but I also heard that the more miners, the greater the profit distribution ... someone can lie on purpose ... I don't know because I listened to it and I have never mined cryptocurrencies myself. Were you digging profitable so honestly? write give follow I will gladly exchange my 3 years of experience with cryptocurrencies, trading them on exchanges, investing in scams, etc.

All the best!

Stream Info

https://soundcloud.com/micha-sikora-17846412/sets/top-50-reggae link to playlist

Have good weekend



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