The Steeming Pile

The Steeming Pile

Crypto enthusiast yet Bitcoin maximalist; Fundition Angel

I usually stream fairly randomly but you some streams are pretty regular:

The Steeming Pile - Tuesdays @ 9:30pm EST Fundition Friday - Friday @ 8pm EST

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Welcome to

@thesteemingpile is an open space live broadcasting project for the Steem & @vimm community. We set up the theme and create the agenda live on air. We are just getting started so feel free to jump on the pile.

Livestream Start time*:

Every Tues. @9:30pm EST *check for your time


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Jump on the pile live:

Zoom Meeting no: 468186430 Dial US: +16465588656 Meeting no: 468186430#

Simulcasters | Graphic Facilitation | Guests ---------------------- | ------------------------ | --------- @g0nr0gue | @narashi | @espchange @johnspalding | | @jiujitsu @shawnsporter | | @richardtaylor @patrickulrich | |

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