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From Wikipedia: Dwarf Fortress (officially called Slaves to Armok: God of Blood Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress) is a part construction and management simulation, part roguelike, indie video game created by Tarn and Zach Adams. Freeware and in development since 2002, its first alpha version was released in 2006 and it received attention for being a two-member project surviving solely on donations. The primary game mode is set in a procedurally generated fantasy world in which the player indirectly controls a group of dwarves, and attempts to construct a successful and wealthy underground fortress. Critics praised its complex, emergent gameplay but had mixed reactions to its difficulty. The game influenced Minecraft and was selected among other games to be featured in the Museum of Modern Art to show the history of video gaming in 2012.

Who is JAGIELSKI Jagielski is a renaissance man. He develops games, makes art and do other interesting stuff, such as streaming here on VIMM. He likes cookies and want a Nintendo Switch but can't afford it. Jagielski is a very fun guy and fully deserving of your upvotes and Steem. You will have a lot of fun watching Jagielski as he battles various challenges he faces and comes on top Every. Single. Time. So why are you waiting for? Jagielski is patient but he wants you to watch the stream so he can BECOME, and once he will BECOME, he will BE. What does he do? Whatever he wants for the most part, but most importantly he streams exclusively on Vimm after receiving no recognition on competing platforms, including and especially, Dlive. When does he stream? Whenever he likes. Often on weekends, though not only.

@chiren5.000 STEEMHere ya go! Happy to see a developer here :) Keep up the good work!
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