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Aloha Folks,

be Welcome at the

Vimm Account ...

At the moment we do Daily STEEMMONSTERS Quest Streams with a small GIVEAWAY every Stream....

Yeah GIVEAWAY... Every Day when we reach our GOALS we give ONE of the CARDS out of the PACK to the Viewers....

All You need to do is following....

  • Be a Follower
  • Upvote the Stream
  • Type as first into the CHAT :" WE DID IT"

Stream Info

lets play.... ahm yeah are we going to play today....

Bembel at the keys today....


@chiren5.000 STEEM
@jimbi9.000 STEEM@nerdtopiade told me you needed 9 steem for your token so here you go
@bembelmaniac1.000 STEEMLos Pikatchu Donnerschlag
@dotwin19815.000 STEEM