Here We Go with The-Outpost!!

Fallout 76

The Outpost;

out·​post | \ ˈau̇t-ˌpōst \

1a: a security detachment dispatched by a main body of troops to protect it from enemy surprise b: a military base established by treaty or agreement in another country 2a: an outlying or frontier settlement b: an outlying branch or position of a main organization or group

An Organization? A "place" for way seers and truth seekers, for casual talks of weather and other dimensions. Free Range Society.

What does that even MEAN? Well, what does it even MATTER?

We are who we are, you are who you are, and where we go, nobody could give two sh*ts about it.

So, here ye, here ye, calling all weirdos and outcasts, misfit toys and rejects; I'll take your cup and fill it plenty with good conversation, good vibrations, and well wishes for your travels.

Even if you're not a wanderer physically exploring this grand old world,

Live vicariously through me and all my super awesome friends, by sticking around to enjoy what we have to offer here at THE-OUTPOST.

(Don't worry, it's all free. Everything is ALWAYS Free. Freeeeee RANGE.)

I'm only a phone call away.

Literally. Give me a call.

I'm a Talk Show Radio Show, Therapist, Tech Support, Shoulder To Cry On, Hype Man, Conspiracy Theorist, Whatever-Ya-Need

[[ Except SEX, I must be very clear I am not now nor never will be soliciting sex here at the outpost, but PERHAPS could offer blind dating services. We'll see how it goes. ]] (Public Text/Call Line --- friends welcome, foes welcome: DISCLAIMER, all communications are subject to being screenshotted and made into a hive post, or recorded and live streamed to 3speak, so if you're a troll bring it on, I'll putchya on blast pew pew pew, but also, if you're pleasant and shy and just don't wanna be a superstar, just give me a heads up and let me know to keep it off the record, and cross my heart and hope to die, I would never tell, pinky swear. <3 I would love to hear your stories)

/// I am not licensed to do anything, even my Art Degree is kinda bullshit, so these graphics aren't even REAL. anywho, just sayin. Use your imagination. It's good for the cholesterol. ///

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What. Is. Up. World? 843-284-9885


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