Splinterlands 100 pack promo opening


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I'll be using Vimm to share streams of a lot of random games I play including Splinterlands, Minecraft, and more! Follow along and take part in giveaways for watching and engaging with my streams!

Stream Info

I bought 100 pack promo and complimentary potions on Splinterlands today!

I got a nice little bonus in my bank account today, and have been waiting for just the right chance to invest in the blockchain. I've used Splinterlands as a means of depositing my PayPal money into HIVE by buying packs and selling cards I might not use a couple times, but I've never made a big deal out of it.

I figured it'd be fun to do a livestream opening all these packs up, and to make it a little more interesting, I want to give a few cards away to viewers. I'm still a bit camera shy, so I'll only be streaming the game itself and some copyright-free music to ambiance, but I'll chat it up with whoever engages :D

For every Epic Gold Foil card I loot during this stream, I will give away a Common Gold Foil.

If I loot a Legendary Gold Foil card, I will give away a regular version of the same card, or a Rare Gold Foil card.

Whenever one of the above events occurs, everyone will have be asked to choose a number between 1 & 1000. After a waiting period of 5 minutes, I'll generate a random number using Random.org to choose a winner. Only the first number you input each round will be counted, so please don't spam the chat with different numbers.

When I finish these first 110 packs, I will likely be selling many of the cards as quickly as possible, and buying Azmare Dice with the DEC I get!

Thanks for viewing! Wish me luck, and take part in any of the giveaways to grab some free cards!

The music playing in the background is copyright-free. Here is a link to the playlist.


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