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What's up I am shufunk and i am a Variety Streamer with a background in computer repair and web development. I like to relax with some gaming. I play a variety of games such as No Man's Sky, Hearthstone, Guild Wars 2 and some other random games i get my hands on.

My website -

PeakD -

Twitter -

Computer Specs - #soon

Stream times

My stream time varies due to working 3rd shift but here are times that i plan to stream if i were a full time streamer

Sunday: Midnight to 2pm eastern

Mon - Thur: Almost never but if i do it's between 8am to 2pm eastern

Friday/Saturday: 11pm to 2pm. No guarentee i will stream those exact hours in full but you may be surprised


Are you playing on xbox? What is your gamertag?

I may have an xbox but i don't share my tag with strangers. I need to get to know you before i share.

Can I play with you?



I do not know you. Come by more often so i can get to know you. People who ask to play with streamers want attention and if they want attention then i expect them to stream theselves. No clue why random people i never seen before in my life would ever want to play with me. i am not a pewdiepie or a Ninja


I have been around the internet for as long as many of you have been alive. I have seen many things and know many forms of trolling. You can't troll a troll. There is no need to troll or at least in my channel. You will be ignored and possible banned if you push my buttons to much. Don't worry i will troll back and you will wish you never trolled me in the 1st place and want to stay and be nice so if i were you don't bother. Be yourself and just chill and hang out. That is what this streams all about.

Stream Info

Been playing my mage as of late. Been liking the deck. I wanna see how far i can go in ranking today. If i start getting bored of ranking i may switch to battlegrounds since there is new heros you can use as well as minions. I want to see how good of an army i can make.

Check out the action at and be sure to catch the replay if you missed the live show.


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