Maximus Million - Grinding LOOT in OSRS LIVE On VIMM.TV

Old School Runescape

Maximus Million: The most fierce gaming competitor in Newfoundland streaming. If you're searching for the best gaming stream on Twitch and Vimm, then you've come to the right channel. We aren't here for cute cuddly cupcake softie gaming, we're here for one reason only; to win. Welcome, to the Mile High Club.

My rules are very clear, because I only have three of them; respect your fellow club members, no self-promotion, and no political bullshit. We aren't here to talk about dumpy trumpy or joe mighten't, we're here to game, so take your political conversations and go join a student council or something. Just get it out of my face. I've got no time for chubby cheek reddit trolls, just follow the rules.

Stream Info

He's here to kick ass and drink G-Fuel - and he's all out of G-Fuel. Catch Max Million in MAXIMUM ACTION!!!


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