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Hello. My name is Artem. I'm classic guitarist. I love to play music and I want music to become my main profession.

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Hi guys! This is an online TV where you can see videos of HIVE-musicians! If you want your clip to be here, contact me on discord: gulia.peito#9612 Today on air: @gulia.peito @sketch.and.jam

Wallets for donations: Your donations help me buy equipment for high-quality live broadcasts! In the future I plan to do live interviews with hive-musicians and make high-quality live performances! BTC: bc1qt0jhzyl0rcju43jwu2jum04qsvefsy35jef8kc ETH: 0x711b7237542dA89229BA1674ec324771d11A7c6A Dash: XhLXt8k6k2zo1YjPNGS77re1haSj76CSJh XRP: r9grP611oZb9yT9ncqsYiNkeTXfxpXuFke

Big Love to you!


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