RDR RP - FrontierRP - Arlo Freeman - Deputy Shadow

Red Dead Redemption 2

Talk Shows, mediocre gaming, terrible Rocket League play and a whole lot of laughs.

You can always catch me on The Steeming Pile Tuesdays (9:30 PM Eastern), Jackbox gaming with @TonyRumble on Wednesday (8:00 PM Eastern) and most days doing a variety of things.

Stream Info

Playing some RDR 2 RP. Arlo freeman is a deputy shadow where he learns the ropes the hard way (evidently). Swing by, say hi!

Stop By and say hi! I will be live on Vimm.tv/ericwilson twitch.tv/ericwilson and theta.tv/ericwilson

You can use my Theta invite link: https://www.theta.tv/invite/271i7

and watch me at theta.tv/ericwilson

I also upload videos on 3Speak.Online,

and sh#tpost on Twitter


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