Gods Unchained - Grinding From The Bottom!

Gods Unchained

Hello Vimm :D

Excited to be here.

I am a crazy eastern European type of guy who loves to smoke weed and play Gods Unchained competitively!

Currently I'm ranked in Top 200 players in the world solely by core cards. You will see me playing this game most of the time, as I believe in the huge potential behind it an absolutely love to earn for my time! Nothing sweeter than that baby!

Stream Info

I'm a competitive GU player and an ctive collector of GU cards. Big enthusiast behind their crazy potential.

Today, the famous "wipeout" ocurred and all the players are now climbing the ranks, farming this core cards and trying to build the best deck out of Genesis ones!

Join me for a Fresh start here on Vimm.tv, lets see what can we do! :D

We already made it to Top 100 so tune in for some nice gameplay.

Gods Unchained is free to play and currently in beta. You need to be invited to get in, so if you're interested - you're welcome to use my beta key! https://godsunchained.com?beta-key=ZepHgKfJKM


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