Heroes of Newerth - The Forgotten MOBA

Heroes of Newerth

Hello Vimm :D

Excited to be here.

I am a crazy eastern European type of guy who loves to smoke weed and play Gods Unchained competitively!

Currently I'm ranked in Top 200 players in the world solely by core cards. You will see me playing this game most of the time, as I believe in the huge potential behind it an absolutely love to earn for my time! Nothing sweeter than that baby!

Stream Info

Hi guys, during tough times like these, I decided to show some love to STEEM apps. Therefore, I'll be migrating my streams exclusively on Vimm.tv

Currently I'm playing Heroes of Newerth, hardcore MOBA from where all the MOBAs emerged! I'm located in Top 1000 players in the world so expect some decent gameplay from me. :)


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