Kush&Crypto: Hive Struggles as Bitcoin Pumps


On my P's and Q's.

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"I don't know it all, but if I can find it and explain it; we all can learn together."


Bitcoin is pumping over 12k, Hive is struggling, there's a hurricane on the way so it's a good time for Kush&Crypto.

Ask me anything in the VIMM chat box and I will try my best to do due diligence.

It's been 3years since I've done one of these live streams. Back when we were all using Steem and DLIVE (smfh). Example post: https://steemit.com/dlive/@donald.porter/c5b5dc2d-af05-11e8-bdf2-0242ac110003

I've never tried streaming like this with VIMM, I may need some time to get back into the groove but bare with me.

If I get a few new subscribers I'll do loive curation and maybe a HIVE (or HIVE Token) giveaway for sure...

Kush&Crypto is back!


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