I am Streamer on Mixer / Twitch / Dlive and many more places.

my main stream is Bassed on Twitch but im moving back to Mixer so be Restreaming SOON!

NOTE: i will not see Chat since TalkTalk (ISP) blocked this Site so i be streaming here but i would nt see chat. so if want message me, jump over Twitch channel use chat there @ twitch.tv/chisdealhdyt

when i get this Site fixed over Talktalk network i be looking chat here soon! at moment be on Twitch

Stream Info

There will be issues me not seening VIMM Chat at this moment,

since as TalkTalk(UK ISP) they blocked Vimm some random reasons.

i will work on get that solved make me see Chat, at moment my chat bassed on Twitch till thats fixed.

link: twitch.tv/chisdealhdyt


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