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Apex Legends

Hello, Welcome to our Community Stream. there will be a little delay in future streams because im currently setting up mutli-stream on a Custom RTMP. Please be patient, i will react to responses when i can. you find our other channels / social links below

we do lot random Gameplays, Lot community Streamers and many more to come. we want you, YES YOU! see some good support.

we play from Minecraft all way games like Fallout 76 / VR Gaming.

any support we get like Dropping Donations does help for cost support Creators for Streaming / making our branding Logos / Banners. even costs of Bills / electric bills too.

we are mining stuff too like Ethereum / Bitcoin / and many more crypto so it does help cost of our mining rigs turn as 1 BIG GPU MINER and able us sell 2 Antminer s9 later feature too.

we dont have exact HQ but in feature will be having one in United Kingdom and United States America.

two locations only, and hope i see you round.

NOTE: if don't know what is AlloyXuast is, its Community that willing help Streamers / Gamers / even support Crypto sides.

we are small Community with lot Respect users and few Partners / ALLY too. so more welcome check us out on our Discord SERVER by clicking HERE

Heres our Social that can follow us on keep updated new streamers / Supporters

Facebook Twitter Owner Twitter Twitch ThetaTV Peakd

Stream Info

Welcome to CUTIE Streamer who plays VRChat, Warframe, AdventureQuest Worlds and many more to come, stay tuned on YouTube and Twitch for MORE! || READ MORE! || I been on YouTube almost back 2013 that's like 9 Years on YouTube I been doing streaming 9 Years too Im Do loads Random Content Creating from Coding / Development / Gaming and even Just Chatting You can Donate @ https://streamelements.com/chisdealhdyt/tip

NOTE: We do not accept any Refunds or money back, if you donated for causes of supporting channel. its gents TOS for Donating people to follow Rules If you Donate then you good support, if you donate and ask for refunds. thats classify fraud that can get you arrested and reported to member of PayPal Team as category Refunds not allowed. If want support by Lurking or Be round for watching its fine to me. not going for Money Wise, but i really do saving up for new PC so i can get more in Games and get myself own VR Headset do VR Streams and videos on Twitch and YouTube. Not responsible any actions you take, if beg for money or beg for mod and stuff. you get permit banned from Channel.

You can Do Monthly Payments @ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/ChisdealHDYT £5 a month or £60 a year and you get Membership on our Discord Server and Access Early Commands on MY Discord BOT and many more. All donations does Goes Towards better Stream Quality, more Games even more Gaming Esperance setups.

|| RULES || 1. No asking Streamers join your Channel / Advertising your Sites / channel, that's why we have Discord Server do that not on Channel chats. 2. Do not bed for MOD or Harassments any other MODS/Streamer for joining games. 3. Be polite and get know about Streamer, don't just go Channel Spam then leave, if any MODS / Streamer see this you get permit Banned. 4. Be round community help Streamer with Social and entain that Channel, Sometimes Streamer doesn't talk much thats why we need you talk even if stream Delayed thats not out our hands issues. 5. Be round Community much as you can, if you are Streamer and want be listed Streamer Role on Discord server, you need let Owner AKA ChisdealHDYT watch your content. rushing or asking him to join you not going make it go faster. and only him can choose who gets role because its whitelisted role.

|| Social Media Links || TikTok (I don't know be on here for long): https://tiktok.com/@chisdealhd Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chisdealhdyt/ Twitch: https://twitch.tv/chisdealhdyt Twitter: https://twitter.com/chisdealhd Instagram: https://instagram.com/chisdealhd EFuse: https://efuse.gg/u/ChisdealHDYT CrunchyRoll: https://www.crunchyroll.com/user/ChisdealHDYT Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/id/ChisdealHD

|| Affiliate / Partnerships || Sign up to Warframe using this Link, you get 7 Days anfinity Booster and 10% Plat first Pay and supports ME for Refer you in Network https://www.warframe.com/signup?referrerId=58ff4b1a3ade7febfcdd1357 Want Find Cheap Parts or Pre-build PC in United Kingdom, Try Overclockers UK https://www.overclockers.co.uk/?tap_a=3629-86a85a&tap_s=307754-5a3938 Want get Monthly Games for $12 a month and Access all best top games, use link below JOIN! https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly?partner=chisdealhd Join Paladins Free to Play and Refer to Support Content Creator. http://www.paladins.com/play-for-free?ref=ChisdealHD Want join me on AdventureQuest World and want to Hang round and work as team, use link below. https://www.aq.com/landing/?refid=71383493 Runescape is MMO Free To play Game, you can get Bonds for free and you get Membership without paying IRL money. i been playing this game since 2016 Come join FUN! https://secure.runescape.com/m=friend-referral/?ref=XxLbqrdHNfn6461SL610nA || CryptoCurrency Donations || For People who Mine Crypto or invest Crypto can Donate. (I do not Refund Crypto, same rules with Donation above) BITCOIN: 18RdAZNbSacddFtTyM2KaLAtP5dJTrHS9s ETHEREUM: 0x13ee683d5adaa36b4e3ce71657c673e856f065c3 ZENZO: ZdGUBPfCz6GU8VMhaq5RPeBBLYH4po1Cjs PIVX: D9u8FCGt6Aa7iZ2FozT3ruPFmALE5aZUxZ THETA/TFUEL: 0x6a676c2b0741652185b9c77118bb691f6D884E7B MONERO: 41fpSnHXrTbhSBujd23ZVcb4C5YYL26YG41BfTmMJobyb23JTExZVsj5PazsAJv75xRUq6x9c5dthHz5vLoyXegw1PjbMLP FLITS: FW8Eq5NztKvWhnkKoFzUtVXhviYWP62k42 DOGE: DJczQtoQUZ1unvcxUV1HkpuswN2keUSGeY COLX: DGGYhZZV1PTVjLqpwjMTVKVEDXZ155BjK9 SEND: SjoqC4bYhBQxqARmJWuu5YMx5dC1FDjgSt NBX: Nb151ybUs1qJChTroeSeC12ZDWGL5LkHck RPD: RgE58hMeCbMfrjpwa4Zk3B2cLGeVh6pz6X TELOS: GRw7gXZuK9RxkoLLTgXSFX8LUrcF2CCG4v SIN: STf23eYnR5Ec3GD4QDw38knqc1BLF1wYaJ BIR: KHeyjffBQo1vUQyJ17cgXeQys3Lf9NgwHH CCY: CXSg3M23HeompJpigsGHTyRG4mngefu6JQ IDX: iP1qELPLTqkmWu2aBQtKFuiLHTcRyi1TqF FDR: fYXL7zRbTuRzkVp3ZBm3STxLKZ4UX3Xns8 LITECOIN: LV3HXBL8pgVp2qQWVo7exuS27Ak7Eh1cn3 SCRIV: sdnhsqExnzQvKsEZk4YeQnyRm4Y8G1YXeQ NOTE: For URL SIDE is @ https://cryptocurrencycheckout.com/donate/xIL4Yx || Channel Edited || DATE: 27/02/2021


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