prettynicevideo : I see... ohhhhhh. Cool... I'll try it. Haaaa awsome. Thanks for the shift in the aspect ratio in phone that
prettynicevideo : Yes, thank you play your game!!!
prettynicevideo : I really appreciate you taking a few minutes. I'm going to try to apply of these little things I wrote down some notes and will see how it goes thank you
thatterrioguy : i think dlives dead, lol hows it going? find a place did you?
the1andonly-tjh : hockey eh?
the1andonly-tjh : boo
the1andonly-tjh : but hockey is wonderfull
the1andonly-tjh : a hockey game is also good for getting a canaden Emo chick to let you stick your stick in her goal if you catch my drift
the1andonly-tjh : im a decent hybrid goaltender
dudeontheweb : you sound good