stonefeather : :yea:
meanroosterfarm : The big black and green roosters name is RickyBobby. Named after the NASCAR Driver in the movie "Talladega Nights" He looks like a NASCAR driver in his jump suit.
stonefeather : hi o/
big-m : Nice I hope our hahn gets just as big. We call our hahni the stroked one :-)
molovelly : The rain sounds like applause. I love it!!
meanroosterfarm : Nice. It just started the raining season for us.
molovelly : Hullo Goats!
ddrfr33k : I see goats!
meanroosterfarm : I just got back from a power outage. Nasty one too, the lights blinked off and on for 20 to 30 seconds before going out.
big-m : wow hello new big gray duck ?