helpie-caster : Mic is very low ;)
helpie-caster : Left you a Follow, so from now on your Stream , so it ill get a notification in our Community Discord when you go next time onmline ;)
helpie-caster : Jep much better ;)
helpie-caster : catch our small 66% Vote, also a nicely small Trail will follow ;)
helpie-caster : feel free to join our Discord and maybe the community ;) as more we are as better we re able to grow together ;)
helpie-caster : https://discord.gg/hUXccum
helpie-caster : thx for joiniung dropped you into the role CASTER ;) smile so the others inside the com sees you re a streamer ;) smile
helpie-caster : so im hopping to the next to spread some love ;) smile stay yourself and you catch maybe next days the next Vote ;)
juice-thegamer : Hello Everyone
juice-thegamer : Thanks everyone