Teh Tarik Sundays EP24 | Teh Tarik Sundays | International Guest, @coingecko is here! | 09.12.2018 (LIVESTREAM)



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Top Crypto Site We have managed to invite a representative from one of the top crypto site in the world, @coingecko to our shores this Teh Tarik Sundays. I foresee it will be a pretty crypto week and an exciting one at that. We will be talking to @coingecko about crypto trends, ICOs, exchanges, and basically anything crypto. So if you have any questions, please join us as we shall make this week a crypto week. This week of Teh Tarik Sundays will also be the last episode for the year and the end of Season 1. I reassure you that this is NOT the end for Teh Tarik Sundays as Season 2 will be announced early next year. Christmas is around the corner and I thought that I would need some break for the holiday season to step back, realign and refresh to only come back giving you all my best. Look how far we've come! 

It is indeed my pleasure to host this week after week and I want to thank everyone who has taken part in this endeavour. But before we end this season, let's make this last episode end with a bang!

@coingecko will indeed come with many gifts and awesome announcements so be ready! The yule time has gotten @coingecko quite generous so they would probably announce contest or airdrops during the show, who knows :) Only way to find out is to join us!

Our Schedule A few months ago, I've decided to change the schedule to fit the new direction that Teh Tarik Sundays is progressing towards. That is to expand Internationally and cross-collaborate with International communities/initiatives and not solely focusing on internal #teammalaysia members which will make Teh Tarik Sundays exclusive. Sometimes being too exclusive to a point I think we might have missed dozens of opportunities to meet other amazing Steemians that are part of the whole Steemit ecosystem.

I will still be having #teammalaysia Authors come on the show but this will be at a specific week and the following would be a International segment.

The new schedule for Teh Tarik Sundays would be :

2 episodes, on the 2nd and 4th week of the month. Every 2nd week would be an International episode where we invite International Steemians for the show. Every 4th week would be the Routine Teh Tarik Sundays where 3 Authors can come and promote their post. If there are no Special Guests on that month, we will proceed with the routine Teh Tarik Sundays.

I hope that this decision would have positive impact for #teammalaysia and the guests that come on the show. Afterall, Steemit should be a place where all communities/initiatives can coexist together. With that, I thank you once again for your amazing support that have brought Teh Tarik Sundays to where it is today. I hope to see you all next week!

PS. Next Week's episode would be an Author's Week instead of an International Week

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End of Season 1  

What is Teh Tarik Sundays? It is the FIRST talkshow initiated by @branlee87 and @zord189 with the support from #teammalaysia witness & lead, @bitrocker2020 exclusively for #teammalaysia members to gain exposure for their posts.

Why Teh Tarik? Because its what we Malaysians drink at a mamak stall when we hang out with friends. Here is what is going to happen on Sunday Nights :

Everyone is invited to join the Teh Tarik voice channel on Sundays at 10:00 pm. Authors are given a chance to promote a post. If it's a special guest, we will talk about their initiatives and Steemit journey. You do not need to be the author of that post as you can promote your friend's post or a very interesting post for everyone to see. During your sharing, the post promoted will be shared in the Kopitiam channel for everyone to see. You will also get extra exposure. Your post may even be rewarded. Only the Guests and Authors are allowed to speak in the voice channel. The listeners can and should engage in the Kopitiam Text Channel.

Teh Tarik Rewards! There will be rewards given out by the hosts of the evening to authors/listeners/guests. 

Some of the rewards given out:

Best Questions by listener for the author/guest. Participating as an author/guest.

Rewards every week varies according to our Teh Tarik Sundays Rewardpool

Photo by Gritte on Unsplash  Author Slots are now CLOSED The Next Season of Teh Tarik Sundays will be announced soon. Thank You

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