Lets Escape from Tarkov!! Becoming the most hated Scav.

Escape from Tarkov

My name is MattyP, or unorgmilitia on Hive. I like to play FPS shooter games, I am a libertarian, and consider myself to be in a state of nature, but not necessarily an anarchist. I may be profane at times, so my content is going to be inherently 18+ or at the vary least mature content Viewer discression is advised.

Stream Info

Playing some Escape From Tarkcov!! , kickin ass and takin names (Probably not).. There has been a wipe! AND A NEW MAP HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE GAME!!!

In-between matches I like to look at "First-posts-on-hive" in the terminal discord channel, and welcome new folks to the hive-blockchain

Hit me up if you wanna play! I'll see you in Orion's Peak Gaming Community!


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