Playing with Blockchain Avenues


Howdy howdy everyone and prepare yourselves for an onslaught of mediocre game-play. In all seriousness though, I provide helpful content for content creators looking for avenues within the alternative space of streaming. Shying away from the likes of Twitch, YouTube, and even Facebook Gaming. My experiments into the world of Trovo and Glimesh for livestreaming are to help you find your own path. Yes, we may not become uber wealthy sitting on our butts playing video games but, we will forge our own destiny of becoming larger than life in our own right.

Stream Info

Focusing on ways to make your streaming or content creation life better through tutorials and our welcoming communities. Working with Guilded, Discord, Trovo and YouTube. New site just opened for indie game devs and fans to come together as well as for content creators looking for resources and a great community for alternative platforms. https://indiecreatorhub.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/2TonWaffle Trovo – https://trovo.live/2tonwaffle Glimesh – https://glimesh.tv/2TonWaffle Guilded – https://guilded.gg/wafflehut 3Speak – https://3speak.tv/user/twotonwaffle Ecency – https://ecency.com/@twotonwaffle/blog


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