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UK gamer of many years developing their hobby into something more productive.

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Hello all, the name's T3KKAD4N but you can call me T3KKA. Iam fro mthe United Kingdom and have been a gamer for many years, playing many genres across different platforms.

I am just an average gamer who has decided to develop their passion for gaming from a hobby into something more productive.


While watching me provide content, I request that English only to be used in chat as this prevents communication barriers between all chats and that everyone MUST adhere to Vimms terms of service and community guidelines.

stream team

I am a member of this wonderful team that i met from a different platform, be sure to check them out at trovo and its because of these awesome people, I have met a lot of friends and creators.


I have played many games such as some exclusives such as Ratchet and Clank on Playstation, Halo and Forza on Xbox and Pokemon and Zelda on the Switch. I tend to play what I fancy at the time of choosing a game to play as I feel providing a variet of games will give viewers a better insight to who I am as a gamer.

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Well it looks like I have spilt the coffee beans, If you enjoy the content, feel free to drop me a coffee or 2, these are never expected but are greatly appreciated, be warned, once the order has been placed, they are non-refundable.

Every coffee given goes back into the channel to provide better content in future streams.

You can do this by visiting my buy me a coffee page.


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