Chill time before work


What's up I am shufunk and i am a Variety Streamer with a background in computer repair and web development. I like to relax with some gaming. I play a variety of games such as Elite Dangerous, Hearthstone, Guild Wars 2 and some other random games i get my hands on.

My website - https://shufunk.net

PeakD - https://peakd.com/@shufunk

Twitter - https://twitter.com/shufunk

Computer Specs - #soon

Stream times

My stream time varies due to working 3rd shift but here are times that i plan to stream if i were a full time streamer

Sunday: Midnight to 2pm eastern

Mon - Thur: Almost never but if i do it's between 8am to 2pm eastern

Friday/Saturday: 11pm to 2pm. No guarentee i will stream those exact hours in full but you may be surprised


Are you playing on xbox? What is your gamertag?

I may have an xbox but i don't share my tag with strangers. I need to get to know you before i share.

Can I play with you?



I do not know you. Come by more often so i can get to know you. People who ask to play with streamers want attention and if they want attention then i expect them to stream theselves. No clue why random people i never seen before in my life would ever want to play with me. i am not a pewdiepie or a Ninja


I have been around the internet for as long as many of you have been alive. I have seen many things and know many forms of trolling. You can't troll a troll. There is no need to troll or at least in my channel. You will be ignored and possible banned if you push my buttons to much. Don't worry i will troll back and you will wish you never trolled me in the 1st place and want to stay and be nice so if i were you don't bother. Be yourself and just chill and hang out. That is what this streams all about.

Stream Info

Feels like this day is dragging! I am going to play some hearthstone before work tonight. Lets see how well i can do today

Check out the action on VIMM at https://vimm.tv/shufunk


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