🕹️ Path of Exile - Unleashed Manabond, doing act 6-10.

Path of Exile

I'm Ben Swinburn AKA Shmoogle Osukami!

I reside in England and stream on a casual basis, keeping it fun and stress free and giving a dedicated time to play games. I'm autistic so I behave a little differently from your average person, It also make managing stress and problems that could accure very difficult, you might end up seeing me cursing and complaining a lot if something is going wrong with the stream. (doesn't happen often but I don't handle sudden problem very well)

Generally though I'm pretty relaxed and enjoy streaming what I'm playing.

I'm always looking for ways to improve my stream, I'd love any and all feedback, if you could drop that as a comment on one of my hive posts that would be great, equally you can hit me up on Twitter or the Vimm Discord. Even if it's something related to Vimm I'd love to hear about it and forward it to the developers.

You can find links over there ----->>>>

Or below if you are on mobile. =p

Stream Info

Live monday to friday from 6PM BST!

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Where to find me:

PeakD | hive.blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | 3Speak | Vimm.tv

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