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No Man's Sky


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Explore the cosmos with me

About me :

I have been a designer for over 12 years. Design and art is a passion of mine and for years it is my job too. I am so fortunate that I have a job that I truly love. I make 3D , 2D digital arts as well as woodworking, carving and xps foam crafting. If you are interested in art in any form come and watch the streams - If you are here for the games I play different kinds of games too.

Games I am currently playing: Red Dead Redemtion 2 Witcher 3 No Man's Sky

What I use for crafting:

Hotwire Table Hotglue Gun Sharp Knife PVA Glue XPS Foam Wooden Sticks of all kinds

What I use for my streams :

Software I use : Adobe Photoshop CC , Zbrush , Google Sketchup , Adobe Illustrator Graphic Tablet : XP-Pen Artist22E PRO Left Hand Keyboard : Ryzer Tartarus v2 Mic : FIFINE K658 RGB mic Cam : Asus c3 1080p webcam 2nd Cam : My Phone

PC : AMD Ryzen 5 2600X Six-Core Processor 3,6Ghz 16384MB RAM Radeon RX 590 Series 8171 MB


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