Welcome to the Prize Wheel Spin for November 16th 2021

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Hello and Welcome Back to the #My1440Mug Prize Wheel Spin.

I started this project last year because I have an interest in learning about better ways to manage the 1440 minutes we all have each day and to share what I am learning with the people who are follwing me. Anyone who is subscribed to the My1440 list or engages with me on Social Media or the online entreprenuers I have had the privilege of interviewing are added to the wheel for a chance to win each month. Your name will stay on the wheel until you have won. Once you have won your name will be taken off the wheel to give others a chance. There are 65 names on the wheel this month. Best of Luck! Go and Join my List to get your name on the Wheel for Next Month. https://www.trker.com/go/136009


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