Maplestory M kinesis stream 8-3-2022 @ 9:30 pm

maplestory M


Hello My name is Matthew and I am Gaming video content creator. i am a korean american Living in the usa and living in the east coast. if you want to learn more, you can simply wat

Stream Info

Updated description: My name is Matthew and I am the owner at ENORMOUS bear Gaming. I am currently streaming every once in a while, currently preparing the streams right now. I was planning a stream for my birthday stream, but that didn't happen because I was busy at the time. I will try to stream as possible.

Heritage: Korean american Age 27 I currently reside in USA.

Equipment 1: samsung Galaxy S10 (for streams) Equipment 2 : android controller (for playing games) Equipment 3 : Dell Inspiron 15 (for monitoring streams) THIS IS THE ACTUAL TWITCH & Facebook at the page Enormous bear Gaming. Join discord!

THE STEAM SCHEDULE: Monday Wednesday Thursday Friday 9:00 pm EST(may change anytime to a earlier time with notice on Facebook) saturdays are @ 10:40 am(all times are in eastern standard time. 🙂 Sundays are TBA Updated Game lists 9.11.2022 1. Pokemon unite 2. Kart rider rush plus 3. Maplestory M 4. Genshin Impact 5. Kingdom story


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