Build Your List Build Your Business



I am all about the most direct path to the earnings. I have been very creative and carved out a nice little living online. This is where I share all of that with you.

Stream Info

This is basically what I have been doing to build my list. Anything I can think of to drive quality traffic to my lead capture pages. In the past, we have looked at building LCPs on various platforms even our own Domain.

Having time budgeted so that we can effectively create a standard operating procedure every day. This will take the guesswork out of our business, and help us to stay laser-focused on the tasks ahead.

We Can Make More Money

Money is a funny thing. All of the people in the world are clammering for it, and some will do the unspeakable for enormous amounts of it. The weird thing about money is that we can always make more. Regardless of how much we lost, or what mismanagement occurred, money can always be made.

Time Can Never Be Made

Once we lose time it is lost forever. An hour frittered away gabbing to the mail person about the political tides is an hour that can never be recovered, or remade. That 1 hour is gone forever. We need to budget our time even more carefully than our money.

That being said if something free requires your time then is it really free?


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