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Apex Legends

Hello, There I am Kai. Content Creator, Streamer, video game player. I flirt with Variety a lot. I am 27 Y/O. I play a whole mess of video games. Been gaming for 18+ year been streaming for 8+ Anniversary July, 5 Been a content content creator since the San Andres day's used to make videos on playing the game still make videos on other games that.

Full time Broadcast schedule! Monday to Friday 6 am to 11 am Subject to change or As I suffer from mental illness I could be late could not show up at all keep you posted

I am Variety, What does that mean to you kai? to me streaming is about playing what you want. I say gaming is a grind streaming is a passion.

Consider donating and joining my discord server. https://discord.gg/PTYSXXDX2B

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