One Love Curation Highlight - 2021-07-22

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Don't mind while the One Love Team plays with the lights in the background ;) @D00k13 here coming at you with the One Love Community Curation Highlight picking 3 posts for further support by resources available to our community. This is another OneLove.Fund generation post, once we have received the first payout rewarding discussion will begin.

Curation Highlight

https://d.tube/#!/v/onelove.fund/QmTAjpMrxL8wj6WbswxZaSVf9RrLf9V6rQS1o5oh6dG8VD Focusing on shouting out an Original DTuber @r16rodolfo who has shown immediate interest in setting up an Original DTuber Talk I am pleased to give him a GIANT One Love Welcome 💖

Eu estou ON no D.Tube #originaldtuber by @r16rodolfo


These Shortages Make No Sense by @adapt2030


[d.tube] Ubuntu Unity 21.04 overview | UNITY7 MODERNIZED.


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