"Donate to Vimm" Final Fantasy III Part 6: What is This Dream WORLD!!!!

Final Fantasy III DS


A very pronounced gamer. I only stream what I am good at :)

Stream Info

Stream Schedule all times eastern usa:

monday: 11am-2pm : FF3 NES

Wednesday: 3-7pm: SaGa-2

Friday: 11am-3pm: Indie

I have a special project incoming for the VIMM community to help raise funds for vimm!!! If you must know, it's a vimmathon :)

Let me know if you'd like to play any collab games with me :)

Discord: https://discord.gg/dwJ2QcRKCz

I am a retro and indie gamer. That enjoys various types.

I am a very friendly streamer, and enjoy different types of gaming genres.

Rules: "Value each Viewer, Profile, or Account as a Human with individual Tastes, Attributes, Styles, Needs, and Frequencies. We are Human's, not numbers in life. Sometimes, We lose Track in our ways of Various Fall-Backs with Day to Day Life. We recognize that it is Important to go back to our Roots, and See what Developed You as You."


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