Join Cryptoradio.FM's thrilling return to VIMM.TV



24/7 Livestream on VIMM.TV - We Play2Earn, talk Crypto, have Hivenberg's Meth Labor, have the best indie artists on Hive, and have all the Sloths: Sit down, pass the spliff, enjoy!

Stream Info

Hello, beloved Hive Community! We're thrilled to announce our much-awaited comeback! When VIMM.TV momentarily vanished from the scene, it left us genuinely concerned. But today, we're excited to share that VIMM.TV is back, and it's more stable than ever. It's with great enthusiasm that we launch our test stream!

Behind the scenes, we've got @PatLeBo @Hivenberg, who is currently elevating our stream to the next level. He hinted at working on something extraordinary involving AI and a Restream alternative – the specifics remain a delightful mystery. 😉 We wanted to kick off this test stream with a brief update and invite you to join us in this new chapter. All we can say is: Stay tuned for an unmatched streaming experience that blends technology, community, and entertainment!


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