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I'm a big dork who loves live music, people, video games, disruptive technology, and travel. I value kindness and humour and do my best to inject both into building communities who

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CyberBuzz Radio is a love affair with neon drenched disruptive tech and great synthwave music

I livestream every week with new music and artists to share, do Q&A about the Hive blockchain and beyond, with great discussions and dance parties around some of the changing aspects of our world, the crypto space, blockchain, and community. Have fun, learn a little, chat a lot, ponder whether or not we're all just replicants... what are you waiting for? Come join me in the neon~ We're just normal friends with abnormal everything else šŸ–¤


I'm getting ready to run off into the mountains as my heart has been crying out for travel and nature, so I want to throw a great dance party before we have to part for a few weeks. To that end, I've got lots of great synthwave and today will be a music heavy show. We'll chat about whatever you want, but probably about cool and silly bot and text services, how HIVE has been kicking ass lately in creating a more and more flexible space for people to build things that are decentralized and also granular, about earning that great HBD interest, and probably also about what's happening around Twitter, the new terrifying "Ministry of Truth", and how private companies and decentralized infrastructure can coexist. (Can they? Should they? How do be build the strongest web3 with the very best of entrepreneurial and community goals in mind?) You know, whatever. Get in here and have a little fun with me before I head out for a little bit! Bring your topics, Q&A and anything you might want to talk about on the Hive blockchain, synthwave, disuptive tech, crypto, and beyond~


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