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What's good everybody, my name is Charlie! Under “BoyCharliePlays”, Charlie brings joy and entertainment to his community through sharing his love for art, culture, music, and c

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Welcome to seventh edition of this Pokemon Training Report here on @vimm!

Its the last few days of January and we are still playing the new Generation 9 Game in this Livestream: Pokemon Scarlet. Follow and smash an upvote to support the growth of an Educator Pokemon Training Hive Creator. Each week I have a mission to train, breed, battle, or trade Pokemon in the Pokemon World. Completing the Pokemon HOME Pokedex is one of my primary goals aswell as qualifying for a Regional VGC(Video Game Championship) Tournament One Day.

To do this, I will need to focus on breeding an Ultimate team for the upcoming Ranked Ladder play.

With the release of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, these Tera Raid Live Streams have been one of the main forms of content on the channel.

They are great opportunities for players to earn treasure, training, and other items and access different Pokemon.

I am growing my Pokemon Facebook Gaming channel to reach 100 followers, so any help bringing in the audience will be appreciated.

Today's Expedition:

  • Breeding Competitive Pokemon and Surprise Trading their Babies

Pokemon Breeding is a lot easier in this game as anyone just needs to open up their Picnic table. The Picnic table allows for Pokemon of the same Egg Group to breed or if you have a ditto it makes it a lot easier. Breeding was introduced in Pokemon Gold and Silver and allowed for Pokemon to pass on their genes to their offspring. Many players like myself continue breeding Pokemon until we get those with Perfect Stats to use in Battle.

  • Performing more Tera Raids

Generation 9 introduced Terra Raid Raid Battles! These specialized battles allow for 4 players to connect to defeat a strong Pokemon with a Terra Raid Power Boost. Fighting these creatures with your friends proves to give rewards that help to train your monsters further.

Join me for the session to get our hands on a ton of raids to get Exp Candies, Treasures, and more.

Once I can actually complete the Paldea Dex I should be able to get the Shiny Charm. This will allow me to hunt for rare forms of Pokemon called Shiny Pokemon.

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Readers can find some of my other Pokemon content on my PokeAmino Page.

PokeAmino is a creative space for Pokemon fans and creators to connect and host chats and contests to see who is doing some great projects. I slowed down but am trying to complete the PKA Ice Breaker. You can see my first entry introducing my favorite Pokemon on my page.

As a Pokemon Content Creator, I aim to help entertain and help my audience, especially if they are fans of Pokemon trying to complete the game. Whether it’s a new adventure, hard mode challenge/nuzlocke, or raid session, I want to bring the @boycharliefamily with me.

Facebook Live Stream Tera Raid Thursday Recruitment Tera Raid battles are a feature in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, where players coordinate to potentially defeat a powered-up Pokemon with a different typing than average. Having a dedicated group for raiding can help coordinate optimized profitable item rewards for all participating. These raids also tend to have items that help with stat raising, level increasing or are rare in value to be sold for high prices.

Want to join the Tera Raid Team? To join the Tera Raid Team all it takes is having the Nintendo Switch and connecting with Charlie through discord. I can only take up to 3 others at a time with me on the main team. However, it does not mean sub-teams can not be formed to take on challenges outside the stream waiting to get on.

One Strong Pokemon League Member of the Tera Raid Team will be encouraged to create and activate a Hive blockchain account. This ensures participants can obtain Hive Rewards and Hive-Engine Rewards as added benefits of being a part of this gaming community project.

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Honest Review of the Ninth Generation

I honestly love this game and everything that has been bad so far has been launch graphical issues.While dissapointing from a major company like GameFreak, Nintendo, and Pokemon Company the gameplay mechanics are absolutely of the charts this time around. You can see that Gamefreak is heading in the right direction regarding its future open-world capabilities but has a lot of work to optimize its games for the "full-screen experiences." The Auto-Battling feature for grinding in the open world is a needed aspect of the game. The ability to choose your adventure between the three main stories is also a pleasant addition.

Thanks for watching!

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Through project collaborations with other artists, developers, and residents, he seeks to better his community in Chicopee, MA, and online.







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