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What's good everybody, my name is Charlie! Under “BoyCharliePlays”, Charlie brings joy and entertainment to his community through sharing his love for art, culture, music, and c

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Hello Everyone, Welcome to Our Pokémon Training Report on Vimm.TV!

I'm Charles "Charlie" Laboy, an educator passionate about enriching the lives of kids after school and assisting high school students with their post-secondary plans. My aim with these live streams is not just to share my journey through the world of Pokémon but also to create a vibrant community where we can all learn, play, and grow together.

Today's Stream Goals:

  • Complete Blueberry Quests (BBQs): Dive into the heart of the Terarium at Blueberry Academy! We'll tackle a series of special tasks ranging from photographing wild Pokémon to mastering Terastalisation in battle. Whether flying solo or teaming up, we're on a mission to fill up our quest bar. By completing 10 quests, we unlock stronger challenges that promise even greater rewards. Join me as we aim to conquer these quests, earn Blueberry Points, and advance through the ranks to challenge the Blueberry Elite Four.

  • Capture Pokémon with Marks: Explore the unique system of Marks, a feature allowing us to highlight the achievements and origins of our Pokémon companions. Through our adventures, we'll aim to capture Pokémon with these special marks, using the Title Power to increase our chances. This adds an exciting layer to our quest, as we seek out Pokémon with rare and personality marks, weather marks, and time marks to add to our collection.

  • Find Shiny Pokémon: Embark on the quest to find shiny Pokémon through breeding, roaming the wild, or participating in Tera Raid battles. Shiny Pokémon are rare and highly sought after for their unique coloration. Our goal is to encounter and catch these elusive creatures, adding them to our growing collection of Pokémon.

Let's Connect and Grow Together!

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About Me:

I'm a Gaming Artivist and Online Content Creator from Chicopee, MA, dedicated to spreading joy through music, gaming, and art. My mission is to craft new experiences and collaborate with artists, developers, and community members to make a positive impact both online and in Chicopee.

Thank You for Watching!

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