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Pokemon Scarlet


What's good everybody, my name is Charlie! Under “BoyCharliePlays”, Charlie brings joy and entertainment to his community through sharing his love for art, culture, music, and c

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Welcome back to a Pokemon Training Report here on @vimm! This Livestream we are playing the new Generation 9 Game: Pokemon Scarlet.

Honest Review

I am honestly loving this game. I will admit that the graphics are leaving a lot to be desired. You can see that Gamefreak is heading on the right direction when it comes to their future open world capabilities but have a lot of work to do to optimize their games for the full screen. The Auto-Battling feature for grinding in the open world is such a needed aspect to the game. The ability to choose your own adventure between 3 main stories is also a pleasant addition.

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Charles “Charlie” Laboy is a Gaming Artivist and Online Content Creator. From a young age, Charlie enjoys creating and entertaining others through music, gaming, and art. His mission is to find joy in playing and creating something new. Through project collaborations with other artists, developers, and residents, he seeks to better his community in Chicopee, MA, and online.

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