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What's good everybody, my name is Charlie!

Under “BoyCharliePlays”, Charlie brings joy and entertainment to his community through sharing his love for art, culture, music, and community engagement. Charlie uses his influence and interests in urban and gaming culture to teach and guide others.

Since the age of 15, Charlie has worked for out-of-school time and summer programming. He worked his way up at the Arbors Kids of Chicopee from a Jr. Counselor in 2008 to a Camp Director in 2018 until the programs closed in 2021. Now thru his content creation, he works closely with local officials, organizations, businesses, and residents, to create programming that uplifts the city of Chicopee, MA through gaming, music, and art.

Stream Info

Welcome to a Vimm.TV Livestream with your boy, Charlie!

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You are watching a live stream from Charles "Charlie" Laboy on the @boycharlieplays channel. Watch as Charlie battles, sings, and dances to be the most outstanding Pokemon Trainer, dCity Politician, and Splinterlands Battle Mage!

Being a gamer/creator of multiple disciplines, Charlie brings joy to others and educates with his experiences learning these games and their secrets/lore.

Games On List

  • Pokemon
  • Pokemon Main Series Games (Monster Capture Roleplaying Game)
  • Pokemon GO (Mobile)
  • Pokemon Unite (MOBA)
  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition (Online Sandbox Game)
  • Splinterlands (Hive Roleplaying NFT Trading Card Game)
  • dCity (City Simulator NFT Trading Card Game)

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