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Hello Hivians! @bitfiend here in partnership with VTATV and MusicDistrict we bring you the Metaverse, Blockchain and Web3 stream. We work with multiple streamers and partners to bring you content around the clock whether it's blockchain gaming, web3 content, something to watch, web3 related spaces discussions, traditional gaming DJ Sets (Both Live and Pre-Recorded) and more! You can find us in @Decentraland for most events as well as Spatial.io, hyperfy, oncyber, monaverse, cryptovoxels and over 25 social media platforms such as kick, twitch, instagram, vimm.tv and many more. Daily NFT Giveaways (Mostly Decentraland Wearable NFT's) for viewers (especially Decentraland visitors) are inevitable so feel free to join us wherever we are. The @Decentraland coordinates are usually posted on the stream. image.png

Highlighting Key events that are expected to be covered for 1/16/2024 include but are not limited to:

Latin Night


[The Inn] Vince MG via ZHEST


  • DJ TRAX does a live performance in the Metaverse that is always a good time. Surprise giveaways and one of the best party DJ's in @Decentraland! Every Tuesday teleport into the Metaverse (FOR FREE) and experience what a live DJ experience in a 3D video game like world is like! The metaverse is the new wave of social interaction.

For the last 8 years TRAX has provided virtual entertainment and lessons to the entire world! Check out Partywithlife.com

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We specialize In Phygital Metaverse Events & All Metaverse Development Services. #AKCB #5628 #VTATV #metaverse #broadcasting #events #service

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Decentraland: Live Events With VTATV Metaverse Advertising & Broadcasting Distribution Network Linktr.ee/VTATV

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Metaverse World Location (BitCinema) https://vtatv.dcl.eth.limo/



Gaming & Streaming W/ VTATV Metaverse streaming distribution network

VTATV WEB3 NFT|CRYPTO|BLOCKCHAIN Advertising & Broadcasting Distribution Network https://vtatv.dcl.eth.limo/ >>>> Linktr.ee/VTATV >>>> IN PARTNERSHIP WITH https://musicdistrict.io/ Streaming and broadcasting available

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Play Splinterlands! A collectible card game on the Hive Blockchain! Click to Join! https://splinterlands.com?ref=bitfiend (One time $10 SpellBook purchase to play the game fully comes with free Hive/PeakD account)

New to PeakD? Sign up here! It's free!

Come hang out in Decentraland for opportunities to win DCL Wearable NFT's and other NFT's like this Waifumon


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Liquidlands RevvRacing Splinterlands BigTime Undead Blocks Mines of Dalarnia MetaOps Phantom Galaxies The Sandbox Flowerpatch

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