Pokemon Training with BoyCharliePlays! Hive Content Creation | DCity Check In and Pokemon Mark Hunting and Surprise Trade Tuesday Shenanigans

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What's good everybody, my name is Charlie! I am a content creator on the platform that talks about his life and plays a lot of games.

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Welcome to the Livestream with your host Charlie "boycharlieplays" Laboy ! I am an Avid Gamer and Super Pokemon Fan from Chicopee, MA with an online series where I tell other Pokemon fans about my daily training regiment. People are able to support my efforts through upvotes and tips to continue my ability to inform the community on how to breed and obtain certain items to make stronger Pokemon. I enjoy updating and challenging my community in Pokemon to build a stronger scene for friendly and competitive play. I have also tested the Vimm.TV Recorder and will be reviewing this content for editing purposes. I am hopeful that with my investment into a Tier 3 account I will be making waves on the platform. I'll take some time to check out the @dcity game accounts as well.

|Today's Goals Join the Fun! <|Add my Nintendo Switch Friend Code to Join me in Max Raids, Dynamax Adventures and Live Wifi Battles!: SW 4456-3647-6300. | |-|-| |🅰️Capture Pokemon with Special Marks|Find Pokemon in the Wild that can have special marks based on certain conditions(weather,time,location.)| |🅰️Suprise Trade out Pokemon with Different Items|Trade Pokemon out into the community so that more trainers have access to stronger Pokemon for competitive and friendly play. |

|⭐️ Shiny Hunt Details⭐️| |-| |Shiny Pokemon have a different skin color then the original Pokemon and have a special feature when entering the field where they sparkle. The feature is purely cosmetic and does not raise any physical stats however they are sought after by other players for their rarity. Coveted by others of the game as a way of flexing on rivals. Currently I am hatching Pokemon Eggs that I am collecting from the Pokemon Daycare. Breeding is a mechanic that was introduced in the Pokemon Game in generation two and allows for players to breed Pokemon for specific stats, abilities, and natures. I am asking the Hive Community what they think my next egg hunt should be. Let me know in the comments below and maybe you'll get a nice little tip from ol' Mr. Charlie! |

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Challenge me to a battle and the chat and if you win your challenge will receive a 100% Upvote from me! I'll also throw in some BATTLE or LEO if you prove to be a worthy foe! ;)!

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Please consider joining the discord. I am trying to encourage more people to post their links so that I have immediate access to fresh content to curate. Especially if you post about Pokemon content on your blog I am encouraging you to please come on over to the discord.

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