Grinding the Heist League in PoE

Path of Exile

Hello everyone! My name is Eric Bouchard, also known as AZRockslide. I am a Christian and a gamer (no, that is not a contradiction). I am one of the Stream Team Leads for Good4Gaming, a group of gamers who team together to promote Gaming, Charity, and Positivity. We help a lot a gamers get started or continue to build their gaming charity streams, and we support a different charity each quarter. If that is something that interests you, check out the Good4Gaming Discord.

I am also raising money for Phoenix Children's Hospital though Extra Life

Like years past, my Extra Life Fund Raising will be a year long effort. If I raise $500, I will paint my face like Crow Sting (the wrestler) for a stream. I have other Milestones as well, including streaming 8 hours of Dark Souls at $750 (not a huge fan, and I will die A LOT), Dying my beard Extra Life blue at $1000, and if we can hit $1500 by the end of the year, I will get a Mass Effect N7 Tattoo.

Also, if you donate $50 or more, I will do something up for you in calligraphy. Could be your name, gamertag, favorite quote, Bible verse, you name it (I do ask that you keep it family friendly).

Extra Life

azrockslide is raising funds for Extra Life 2020!

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I was not sure if I really wanted to grind the first 10 chapters again in Paths of Exile, but I found a build that looked like fun, so I am giving it a shot. Here's to seeing just what I can do with a Tanky Shadow Trickster.


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