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Vimm.TV is a growing community of passionate gamers, entertainers and artists who come together to create a unique live streaming experience. We give you the tools you need to build a successful channel and grow your brand.

Build your brand, connect with fans and discover new content.

Vimm.TV aims to create an ecosystem where content creators and communities can thrive.


Your voice is worth something.

Your "likes" directly support the streamer with STEEM tokens that can be spent on Steem based dApps like Vimm.TV or powered up to increase one's influence on payouts.

Keep what's yours.

Gifting and payments are handled by the Steem blockchain, allowing for fast and feeless transactions.

Rewarding interaction

We are joining Steem in the vision of a future where people get paid for their content and attention. We use tokens to transparently align incentives between all parties in the community.