"Elvish core" Linework created by @MegyLeeArts


My name is Nikolay Krastev and I'm a huge coffee abuser. Holding the pen names DirtyTactic and Svdsdragunov. I am a traditional and digital 2D artist. I prefer the monochromatic atmosphere, dark surrealism, cyber and steampunk themed works. I studied Industrial design and economy. Trying to master the craft of drawing and digital painting. I really love standup comedy, music, video games and science fiction books. Actually, my love for video games and lord of the rings got me into drawing. Soon after I've started drawing my father showed me the works of H. R. Giger. This got my flame for art even brighter. Since then I try to expand my reference threshold and my understanding for the world.

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Hello there, sexy people!

Today I'll work on the hands, some anatomy inspired details, maybe I'll manage to apply some texture... The drill is the same- Enjoy!