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Kingdom Hearts 3

I like anime, retro games and RPG's. Also Nutella, I like Nutella.

Stream Info

Greetings! My name's Marjorie, hence the nickname SuperMarjo (hoho, it's very original, I know)! I'm a twenty-something hailing from Flanders, Belgium, the land of chocolate and beer. Among other things, I like: theme parks, frogs, horror movies, D&D, historical fiction and anime/manga.

I play retro games and I'm also a sucker for platformers and RPGs. Anything that strikes my fancy, really.


Streams may take place on the following days, between the following times (CET):

Friday 19:00-01:00

Saturday 19:00-01:00

Sunday 19:00-23:00

Streams are usually 2-4 hours long. Follow my Twitter @supermarjomay for more details!

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