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Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines

If the stream or videos look choppy to you and/or there are any audio issues please let me know.

I am an avid gamer. I love all games but play mostly RPGs and Story Rich titles. Though Adventure games are really starting to also come to the forefront of my game play. Other then that I play Survivial, Horror, Action, even Racing. I am also not ashamed to admit I play the occasional Hidden Object Game. Yep I play EVERYTHING ;)

I am a dad of 3, also so you might hear me talking (or even YELLING) at the kids or the dogs from time to time. I try to remember to shut off my mic before talking to them but will forget. You might also hear them or our dogs in the background from time to time.

I am disabled and housebound. For that reason I am trying to break into video game streaming, Let's Plays, and Commentary, see my YouTube channels Sir Jaxxy Gaming and The Sir Jaxxy & ShyBlue Show.

Yes I want to make some money playing and talking about video games. If you have a problem with that then I suggest you find another channel to watch. I sincerely hope you don't, though.

I'm also openly seeking opportunities in the video game industry as a reviewer, reporter, and/or commentator.

Oh and there is one more thing. I have no filter, if I think it, normally it comes outta my mouth. Fair warning!

So you can pretty much find me under Sir Jaxxy (SirJaxxy) everywhere LOL! You can even email me at

Stream Info

Join me while I fool around in some great PC games!


Hey Steemians, I just went live! You can click the picture above to watch on or use the embedded stream by clicking above to start from here. If you want to follow along on another platform I'm also live on DLive (my main platform), Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook. I'd be honored if you'd stop by and leave a comment plus subscribe on these platforms. Each subscription helps me grow the Lords & Ladies community.

You can find me on the following platforms:

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Cpu - Xeon E5-2667v3 4 cores 8 threads Clocked at 3.2Ghz Ram - 12 GB Gpu - Nvidia Quadro P5000

You can also find me on:

Game Collection: You can find the games I own at

Steam Sir Jaxxy Steam SirJaxxy2 GOG

Games I am currently playing include: Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines, A Plague Tale Innocence, Yesterday Origins, Outlaws of the Old West, Unforeseen Incidents, and Shroud of the Avatar Forsaken Virtues

If you would like to see me stream a specific game, let me know in the comments below

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