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Mortal Kombat 11

Shinobi Brands is a multimedia establishment with a variety of brands and loads of content. Let's introduce to you our brands:

  • Shinobi Network: The general entertainment brand managed by NinJay, featuring the wonderful personalities of Hip-Hop Phantom, Evil Masque and more.

  • Shinobi League: The (e)Sports center broadcasting all the competitions and events with color commentary by Hip-Hop Phantom and Baybee Bleu.

  • Shinobi Erotica: The NSFW hub by Jayla Rogers with Chrome Face in the mix, performing explicit, suggestive themes.

  • Shinobi Gallery: A display of aesthetics run by the Venetian Brothers: Gold, Silver and Crane. Watch the live broadcasts to see it in motion.

  • Mikuoso (COMBO BREAKER!): A weeb on the blockchain. This features Mikuoso with his co-host, Miku, and his weeb behavior.

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If you want, you can even donate cryptocurrency to these wallets: BTC: 3HyBKPBPJLCzeM7wUd33L2AThZ6f78A7K3 BCH: qp8rcxpajn2223mfvght8aclkej4202q4upv70kpjh ETH: 0xd2424D6720df1eBF03aB063421984c9A7C6EB4C8 LTC: MTFY5Q4MGbYtpzP42ZyV5np38tx6C7Ye4e

Also live on DLive.

Stream Info

GET OVER HERE! We're playing Mortal Kombat 11 in the Nintendo Switch. That's right. Get your Joy-Cons ready, and I might consider the PC version.

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